Manager of Clinical Engineering/Melbourne Health

  • Rebecca Bailey is the Manager of Clinical Engineering at Melbourne Health. She has previously enjoyed biomedical engineering, engineering and research roles at Austin Health, Royal Children’s Hospital, Alfred Health and Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. Throughout her roles in these organisations Rebecca has built strong relationships in each organisation; which has been invaluable in her roles covering multi-disciplinary projects, early detection and resolution of clinical problems and procurement activities and integrating new asset management systems that incorporate other business areas.

    Rebecca completed her PhD while juggling full-time employment and a young family. At ABEC 2018, she presented her research on developing a novel approach for measuring and simulating cardiac output during anaesthesia using gas exchange. She continued to delight the audience and demonstrate her multi-tasking skills while chairing a session with a six-month-old on her hip. She is a strong advocate of clinical engineering inside the hospital environment as well in industry and education on behalf or Engineers Australia and various universities and other educational programs through participating in conferences, lectures and mentoring programs. She is a significant contributor in the Victorian Biomedical Engineering community and received the 2014 Engineers Australia Women in Biomedical Engineering Scholarship.

    Title: Clinical Engineering and Health Technology Management in Public Health